Well hello to all of my Jersey Shore residents (and visitors)!

So listen, I have already seen MULTIPLE statuses, comments and countdowns on various social media platforms that are basically looking to speed on through the rest of this glorious warm weather.

So may I just be one of the first to say: WILL YOU STOP RUSHING THE REST OF OUR SUMMER PLEASE?!

Now, I do know that A LOT of the Summer complaints revolve around those Bennys that crowd our beaches and litter our towns....BUT....there are quite a few advantages of having them stick around.

1. They bring business. There are a solid three to four months that is considered prime time business season here at the Jersey Shore. Maybe try and live it up while we still can?

2. No more Bennys means no more sunshine. Yes, we have local Summer but it is very easy to tell that those gorgeous Summer days are coming to an end. Enjoy the warm weather while we still can.

3. I have met a lot of Shoobies over the past few months and honestly, the Jersey Shore attracts a lot of cool people. You may want to try and be social because you never know who will cross your path.

4. It is not JUST the Bennys that are the problem. I am sure that garbage is found year round here at the Jersey Shore and those Bennys just get the bulk of the blame. It takes one bad egg. Remember that.

So...the moral of the story....let those of us that thrive during the Summer actually enjoy the rest of Summer without you inundating my life with pumpkin and sweatshirts. Fall will be here before you know it but you don't need to talk about it just yet.

Thanks in advance.

Nicole Stephanie Murray.

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