Hardly a week has gone by since Justin Bieber's bodyguards were accused of kicking a photographer's car and getting too rough with a surfer in Australia, and they're already embroiled in yet another scandal. What happened this time?

Reports surfaced that one of Biebs' guards had a violent altercation with a fan's father. The man allegedly accused the guards of disrespecting his daughter, which allegedly led to a brawl in which the guard tossed the man down a flight of stairs at a hotel in Australia.

However, Australian police told TMZ no such incident ever happened -- even though they were reported to have responded to the scene.

Sources close to Bieber say that there was a hotel incident -- but it wasn't anything like what was reported. Bieber insiders claim that a man and his kids went to the hotel where Bieber was staying and demanded to know where the singer was. Once the man got belligerent, he was gently escorted out of the building -- not thrown down any stairs.