Justin Bieber is looking to set a Guinness World Records record for a tattoo. No, he is not trying to set the record for most tattoos, although he is adding ink with increasing frequency.

Instead, he is hoping to nab the record for getting a tattoo while flying on an airplane back to Canada on Jan. 28, five days after his infamous arrest in Miami.

The ink, which is simply the word "Forgive," was done at 40,000 feet, so Biebs and NYC-based artist Bang Bang think it could be a record for the highest altitude tattoo.

The piece was also done during some pretty awful turbulence, which certainly can't be good for the finished product and end result. Bang x 2 deemed it the "most difficult tattoo I've ever done."

He also told the NY Daily News, "The plane was shaking, so it’s like trying to do a tattoo while you’re driving over rocks... and so I have to compensate and be so, so accurate. I’ve gotta admit that my adrenaline was through the roof. I didn’t anticipate it would be so difficult. It was extremely bumpy and the pilot would call back to us and say, 'Hey we’ve got a little bit of turbulence coming up.' We were trying to find the pockets when the plane was smooth."

The Biebs didn't break any laws by getting inked in the air, since it didn't interfere with the crew or passengers and their safety, even though the pilots did give the artist and the recipient the heads up about the turbulence.

Bang Bang said that Da Biebs chose this tattoo, placed on his stomach, due to the power of the word and concept. Bang Bang said The Biebs texted him, explaining, "Forgiveness is powerful, forgive as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins."

Got it.

You can click the blue button below to see the mile-high tattoo station. The set up looked sanitary so the famous recipient to be forever inked in hygienic, clean fashion.

In other Biebs news, TMZ reports that the singer pays the $8,000-a-month rent on his mom Pattie Mallette's L.A. crib. Most Beliebers didn't even know Pattie was living in L.A., since she kept it quiet. She got into some hot water by doing an upgrade on the home gym without getting permission from her landlord. She also had a mirror installed and didn't pay the bill, causing a nearly $3,500 lien for the landlord, who was miffed. She eventually settled the bill.