Justin Bieber better take a Sharpie and circle May 5 on his calendar and set several alarms on his iPhone. That is when the teen is due back in court for a trial relating to his Jan. 23 arrest in Miami.

While plea offers were being tossed around, The Biebs reportedly nixed those and is now headed to trial, according to E!

The singer, 20, will return to Florida in May to face charges of resisting arrest and possessing an invalid driver's license. He was initially accused of DUI and drag racing, even though his blood alcohol level was below the limit for underage drivers and the GPS readout from the rented Lamborghini did not indicate a high rate of speed at that moment. He drove fast that evening, but not at the time he was accused of racing.

The singer has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He might still be able to cop a plea. We shall see. Whatever happens, this should be interesting.

Toxicology reports did indicate weed and Xanax in The Biebs' system.

This case is separate from the civil suit related to a photographer who claims a Bieber bodyguard roughed him up. That case is where the famous cranky and uncooperative deposition tapes came from.