It was the swing that was heard around the world last week: Orlando Bloom was caught taking a swing at Justin Bieber at a party in Ibiza, Spain in the early hours of Wednesday, July 30. The source of the video, TMZ, claims that there were conflicting reports on who initiated the aggression.

But what exactly started the beef between them?

In the aftermath of the flight, several rumors have come out in regards to Justin Bieber's relationship with Bloom's ex, model Miranda Kerr.

The Mirror (via The Daily Mail) reports that a source says that Bieber allegedly said to Bloom, "Miranda told me, 'I want to make a man out of you,'" which set the 'Lord of the Rings' star off.

Back in 2012, Kerr was photographed getting flirty with Bieber backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. The source claims that this was one of the reasons why Bloom and Kerr's marriage fell apart.

"He can’t believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He is absolutely fuming," the source says.

E! News reports from their own source that Bieber was "persistent" in pursuing Kerr after meeting her in 2012, having tried texting her despite knowing that she was married to Bloom.

The New York Daily News adds that Bieber claimed to friends that he did engage in some sort of relationship with Kerr, and goes on to say, “Bieber would brag about it while he was in the studio.”

We doubt we'll ever hear the truth -- or the end -- to this story, but stay tuned.

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