A Keansburg man who strangled his fiancée and mother of his son is looking at a decade in prison after a Monmouth County jury found him guilty of committing this heinous act of domestic violence.

Court room at the Monmouth County Correctional Institute. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media New Jersey)
Court room at the Monmouth County Correctional Institute. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media New Jersey)

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Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linskey announced the verdict in a statement on Wednesday of 35-year old Jaself Brown, who was found guilty of Aggravated Assault by Strangulation of a Victim of Domestic Violence in what was  also the first criminal jury trial in Monmouth County since in-person trials were suspended in 2020 due the pandemic.

On October 18, 2019, the victim, dropped Brown off at his mother's home on Sewell Avenue in Asbury Park.

When they got to the house, they remained in the car, and both became engaged in a verbal argument which led to Brown moving to the driver's side door and him putting his hands around her neck in a strangle hold while she was sitting in the driver's seat.

Family came out to try and break it up, then Monmouth County Sheriff's Officer David Lasko, who was on patrol in the area, began to try and break it up.

Officer Lasko grabbed Brown, who refused commands to release the victim’s neck.

He radioed for assistance as he struggled with Brown.

"Thanks to Officer Lasko's efforts, the victim managed to break free of Brown and escape the vehicle through the passenger-side door. The defendant continued to struggle with the officer and eventually dove out the passenger-side door of the vehicle with the officer in tow," Prosecutor Linskey said in a statement.

As everyone was then outside of the car, Officer Lasko, assisted by Asbury Park Police Officer Robert Champoullion and other Asbury Park officers, arrested Brown.

Officer Lasko suffered minor injuries in the struggle and was treated at Jersey Shore Medical Center and Officer Michael Treadway of the Asbury Park Police Department wrapped up the on-scene investigation.

Brown was brought and detained in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution pending trial "due to, among other factors, his continuing threat to the victim, as well as the fact that he was already on probation following a prior criminal conviction."

Before the trial, Brown pled guilty to violating his probation.

He will be in court again on August 13 where he is scheduled to appear for sentencing on the Aggravated Assault By Strangulation offense as well as his violation of probation.

"Due to his criminal record, Brown faces up to 10 years in New Jersey State Prison for this crime," Linksey said.

The case is assigned to Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Competello.

Brown is represented by George Somers, Esq., of Princeton.

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