I have to start by saying that I’m sickened that we have to have such a product as “bulletproof backpacks” for our children. However, in the same breath, I’m so very grateful that they exist.  There is a security company doing incredible work and you should know about them.

Every single child in America should have what this local security company has just donated to a Toms River elementary school. Superior Protection Professionals delivered their bulletproof backpacks to students as one of their reactions to the mass shooting that killed 19 children in Texas.

These armored backpacks could save lives yet they still offer some normalcy.  The idea of kids wearing a bulletproof vest in school has crossed my mind, but what are the mental consequences of such a thing?  This is a creative way for kids to protect themselves in a shooting crisis and still keep their childhood somewhat intact. I don't know about you but I feel safer knowing these guys are on our side.

Photo credit: Superior Protection Facebook
Photo credit: Superior Protection Facebook

These armored backpacks look like any other backpack, but they have a bulletproof plate inside that can stop 95% of bullets fired at them.

This protection does come at a cost, each backpack costs $150.  How do they work? Your child would simply crouch down behind the bag, increasing their chances of survival.

Again, it is horrifying that we have to worry about our children “surviving” school but that is the reality and this is an item that every child should have. In addition, I think every adult needs one too.

You can find these backpacks on the Superior Protection Professionals website.

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