Now that spooky season has arrived, Halloweentown fans were surprised to learn a piece of trivia more than 23 years after the DCOM premiered on Disney Channel.

Kimberly J. Brown, who portrayed Marnie Cromwell in the first three films, has been regularly using TikTok. She responded to a fan account @KristenCaaakes, who claimed that the first film originally had a different ending. In just three days, Brown's TikTok has received nearly a million views for the shocking alternate ending reveal.

"She is correct," Brown confirmed. "There was initially a different ending to the first Halloweentown movie where instead of Marnie putting the talisman in the middle of the jack-o-lantern to save Aggie (Debbie Reynolds)  and Gwen (Judith Hoag), she had to walk deep into this dark, magical forest and put the talisman there. As she did, with each step she took she grew exponentially older. We got into the middle of the pre-makeup process where they make a cement mold of my face so they could make special, makeup masks for aging Marnie, but in the middle of that process, they rewrote the ending."

In an interview, Brown shared that she still owns the cement mold of her face (that had her eyes shut) which was used to create the aging makeup effects.

That wasn't the only piece of memorabilia that she kept. In other TikTok videos, Brown revealed that from the first movie, she kept the bat that was in Kalabar's office along with the "Halloweentown" book. In the second movie, Kalabar's Revenge, she kept her original iconic witch costume, complete with the hat and mini broomstick. From the third, Halloweentown High, she kept the spell scrolls seen on her bedroom wall and a poster of her cartoon look-alike from the book.

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