So there has been a lot of talk of this deadly 'Kissing Bug' and it turns out, it is slowly making its way to New Jersey.

This bug has been confirmed in dozens of other states and one of the most recent confirmed cases took place just 20 miles away from NJ's border.

But the good news is that the bug found that close tested negative for Chagas disease which can be a life-threatening disease if left untreated.

If infected, it can make both people and pets sick but most don't experience symptoms. If they do, symptoms can include fever, headache, aches, fatigue, swelling and rash.

Some extra steps of precaution that you personally can take:

- Seal cracks around the house

- Don't install yard lights - it attracts the bugs

- Keep pets indoors at night

- Get rid of brush or rock piles near your house

- Keep the home and outdoor pet areas clean

If you cross paths with a bug that you think may be a Kissing Bug, public health officials say to entrap it in a container without squishing it and to bring it to your local health department. Also be sure to thoroughly clean the area the bug was found.

Make sure to remain aware because there is no vaccination for dogs or people just yet. If you have any other concerns, reach out to your local health department.

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