Lady Gaga played Ms. Germanotta --which is, of course, herself-- in 2063 on her final 'SNL' skit last night. She lampooned herself and even "covered" Madonna in another hilarious sketch.

In 50 years, the biggest pop star on the planet has devolved into a neurotic, apartment-dwelling,  lipstick-smeared recluse that popular culture has long since forgotten. It was a biting and satirical indictment of "here today, gone tomorrow" artists and how those precious 15 minutes tick off for celebs. It was also hilarious.

Kenan Thompson portrayed the super of her building, called up to change a light bulb while being forced to listen to her talk about her heyday as she sings her hits. 'Bad Romance' is bad grammar to him and 'Poker Face' sounds like she can't play cards. Ouch!

The super knows nothing about her past, and because of this, she says she needs to fire her manager, a nod to her recent real-life sacking of longtime career guider Troy Carter. Again, ouch!

However, when she told Da Supa that she once did a song with Beyonce, he squealed, "You know Empress Beyonce?"

It was cute and funny, especially when the super asked if she used the prefix "Lady" since people were confused about whether she were male or female, a nod to the long-standing Gaga rumor that she is a hermaphrodite.

Seeing Gaga as a cute, cray cray old lady was adorbs and she nailed it.

In a different skit, of the world's worst cover songs, Gaga blatantly poked fun at her rivalry with Madonna. She was Lady Gaga covering 'Express Yourself,' but she really performed 'Born This Way.' No reductive humor there, people.

Great job, Gaga!

Watch 'SNL' Cover Song Skit

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