At a time where most kids are addicted to their digital devices and social media, it seems as if they would rather “follow” musicians rather than actually learning to sing and play a musical instrument. Research has shown so many benefits of children involved in a music program. One study published results indicating music education has a positive effect on language development and enhances social competency skills. A separate study published in a 2004 issue of Psychological Science revealed children who participate in music lessons increase their overall IQ score. Additional research shows a direct correlation between music and spatial intelligence, which is key to problem-solving one would practice in math, engineering, and architectural design. Click here to learn more about the supporting research with regard to the benefits of music programs.

This Sunday at the Senior Appreciation Day event in Freehold Borough, the Lakehouse Music Academy will be featuring two pro bands, Fountain of Youth and Ocean 5. These talented young musicians play a wide range of events, festivals and venues including the Stone Pony, NJ Hall of Fame and Half Time Entertainment at the Prudential Center. This Sunday in honor of Senior Appreciation Day, both bands will perform two sets with musical selections from the 50’s, 60’s and 70s. Specific artists in the set list include Elvis and Neil Diamond. You can also catch their sound as they perform at The Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery October 5th, 6th and 7th and they’re also scheduled to perform at The Big Gig at Asbury Lanes in February 2019.

Click to learn more about their special music programs for kids.

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