Why would anyone want to retire in New Jersey? This was a post I wrote, which led to a discussion on my New Jersey 101.5 radio show after it was announced that seniors would be getting a 50% break in property taxes to stay here.

Not so fast. Since we're in New Jersey, there's always a catch. People are getting so disgusted with the high cost of living and now the government interfering in not only your life but the way you deal with your family, that many are moving out, tax break or not. so where are they going?

Stacker put out a list of where people from New Jersey are moving to, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which you can see below.

LOOK: Where people in New Jersey are moving to most

Stacker compiled a list of states where people from New Jersey are moving to the most using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

I asked my social following who are leaving New Jersey, where and why they are going and here are some of the responses.

Chris Orion
We are eventually looking at moving to North or South Carolina

Donald Caputi
I moved to South Carolina in 2014. I couldn’t afford to move back even if I wanted to

Ron Zollars
I left Jersey in 1983 and moved to San Diego, California. For me, it’s all about the weather. Extremely temperate climate here, with low humidity, and hardly any bugs to worry about if you forget to close your screen door at night. Also, you can do your workouts outside all year long— whether it’s running, surfing, hiking, playing golf

Alan Lustig
Delaware. Lower taxes but close enough to visit family and friends

Carmen Cusido
I briefly lived in Charlotte in 2012, and I was so homesick, I only lasted 9 months. I've been back in New Jersey ever since! The Garden State is and will always be home.

Steve Eccles
Bloomingdale Indiana. population 265. about 1hr 20 minute west of Indianapolis Indiana.

Jason VR
Currently live in FL and love it. Just moved my dad down here, no reason to go back to NJ except for the occasional family visit but I have a bunch of family down here as well

Mark Lemma
Upstate Pennsylvania
Taxes Taxes Taxes
To many Warehouses

Ron Zold
Moved from South Jersey to Hilton Head, SC in 2020. (so blessed and thankful) It's a beautiful area, the weather is great, My son is a Firefighter here, and our property taxes are a fraction of what we paid in NJ.

Jim Brown
If I was ever able to move everyone it would be Vero Beach

Jordan Jansson
Denver, an incredible music scene!

Janee Brown
After almost 54 yrs in NJ, I moved upstate NY

Glenn Summers
North Carolina for family and lower taxes

Mark Pica
Boca Raton Florida, Sun, Fun, and Less Democrats!!

Geryl Raucher Hickey
Texas!! YEE HAW!!

John Kensil
The Poconos

Martin Stephens
Hilton Head, SC because it’s beautiful there!

Cindy DeGeorge
Key West

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