Get your tissues ready! (More likely for tears of laughter.)

It's been about a couple months since New Jersey implemented the single-use plastic bag ban on May 4.

Use Plastic Bags

So how are you doing so far? Is it easy? Have you gotten used to it? Personally I don't want to admit the amount of times I've had to purchase new reusable bags at the store because I keep forgetting to bring the ones at home. *cough-five-cough, cough*

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But of course, a majority of us didn't have "single" uses for them. They were so much more than just grocery bags to us. Those things were pretty versatile.

They were perfect as waste bags to clean out litter boxes. Collecting old cooking grease to seal up and toss the garbage. Makeshift shower caps. Doggie poop bags. Doggie bags.  Lunch bags for saucy, drippy foods. And... they fit *perfectly* over those little waste baskets we keep in the bathroom.

If you have some leftover plastic bags stockpiled in your pantry, (you know - your plastic bag filled with plastic bags) chances are, you've already run out of them completely, or you only have a few left before you're at the mercy of reusable bags.

As it happens, TikTok user @Bessasmusic was on his very last bag. One last plastic bag to line the tiny bathroom wastebasket. And he treated the ceremonious occasion with every ounce of sentimentality it deserved. Check out the tear-jerky video down below!

This is obviously all in good fun, but seriously, I personally think it's better that we're taking steps to be less plastic-dependent... But dang, those things were convenient!

At least he made it this long! I ran out of mine within two weeks. Do you still have any left?

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