After a six-month phase-in, the Long Beach Township's plastic bag ban officially takes effect on Tuesday, May 1st.

So what does this mean exactly?

Businesses in the municipality will no longer be allowed to distribute single-use carry out bags.

Long Beach Township will be giving each household two reusable bags to start with that they must bring to use at the stores. Otherwise, customers must pay a small fee to use recycled paper bags.

The biggest pro of putting action behind this change will be seen for the local environment along the island and there was no opposition for this ordinance to be put into effect.

“Single-use plastic bags are not necessary and are certainly an item we can live without,” said Kyle Gronostajski, Alliance for a Living Ocean Executive Director. “Bringing your own bag is simple enough to do and can have real impacts on our beautiful surrounding beaches and waterways.”

I am all for this, especially since the town is giving everyone the tools needed to be prepared.

Check out the official ordinance and other details of this change at The

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