Yesterday afternoon at 1 p.m., in the heart of a sunny day on a fairly busy road, we came to a stop when a herd of TEN deer tried to cross the street.

(liz jeressi)
(liz jeressi)

They looked just as surprised to see us as we were to see them. This wasn't dawn or dusk. It wasn't in the heart of the woods. It was the front lawn of a home.

They stopped and froze, and we were able to stop because there wasn't anyone behind us.

We had a staring showdown (they're so dang cute) and then a big school bus came barreling down from the other side of the road and the deer finally realized they needed to scatter.

No lives were lost.

But this is serious business and as the weather gets colder you will be seeing more and more deer in places and at times that are unexpected.

Take care. Be aware. Don't assume your road is safe.

CLICK HERE for safety tips and facts about deer on our roadways.

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