And this time it's a GOOD thing.

Turns out our state has the second fastest average internet speed in the country! How 'bout THEM apples?

According to a new PCmag analysis, overall, the second-fastest internet is found in NJ. The reason? Our dense population is good for something!

The fastest internet in the U.S. is Maryland (82.8 Mbps) followed  by NJ (82.4Mbps). In fact the East Coast rules fast internet speeds. Rounding out the top five: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

What all of these states have in common in PCMag's data-backed analysis is broad availability of cable or fiber you can actually thank Comcast, Verizon, and Optimum!

And while we do have some more rural areas in our state, these areas are still close enough to more populated areas so that internet providers are able to run lines into those smaller towns.

So there's something to brag about as to why you love living in NJ! We sure are spoiled when it comes to our speedy waiting around for us due to lag time!  That's surely one reason to miss NJ when you're waiting for something to load in another state, lol!


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