As she addressed media outlets in a virtual press room after winning the ACM Female Artist of the Year trophy on Wednesday night (Sept. 16), Maren Morris admitted that her victory still didn't feel quite real.

"I mean, I'm in shock still," the singer said.

After all, the category was one she never really saw herself winning: "I mean, Miranda [Lambert] has clinched it for ... how many years?" Morris points out. "And she deserves it. So I never really saw myself winning this."

Still, the singer adds, she's grateful for the recognition, especially during such an unusual year.

"I feel like when I've voted on it in years past, it's not the best singer of the bunch, because that's so subjective. But I feel like it goes to someone [whose] peers think [they] had a massive, monumental year," Morris says. "So I'm just so humbled that my Nashville community, my industry peeps, think that my year has been big. Because part of it has been 2020, which has been such a s--tshow."

As reality started to settle in about her win, though, Morris began to realize that there were a lot of people she forgot to thank in her acceptance speech -- and they were all legendary women of country music.

"I feel like the Female [Artist] award is just so monumental. The women that have gone before me and won that award -- that's who I really should have thanked," the singer continues. "Now I'm just realizing I completely brainfarted on that one ... All the women that came before me with this huge award, thank you."

Morris also wanted to be sure to take a minute to draw attention to all the other artists nominated for Female Artist of the Year. "I'm so inspired by every single woman in that category. I'm friends with every nominee in that category," she points out. "I know how much we uplift and support each other in this community.

"It's just been the night of the ladies," she added.

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