Mark Wahlberg wants to fight Harry Styles -- and not for some celeb charity boxing match, either!

While appearing on 'Conan,' the actor and Justin Bieber associate revealed that being in the upcoming 'Transformers' movie got his kids excited and made him seem cool to them.

But he admitted, through gritted teeth, that his daughters, age 10 and 4, have moved on to One Direction -- and now Dad is getting protective.

He said, "The girls have turned to One Direction. They don't care about dad anymore. My four-year-old is like, 'Daddy, I like Harry' and I'm like, 'I'm gonna punch Harry in the nose when I see him.'"


The actor continued, "She pulls out pictures, and hides pictures in the room, and I pretend I am going to rip them up and I get jealous... but if I see that little prick… he's gonna get it."

Wahlberg jokes that he could invite the boys to a premiere or to do a song for the movie under the auspices of working together and then beat the crap out of all five of them.

His 10-year-old is also a Directioner, so Dear Ol' Dad is going to use his star power to help the girls get the chance to meet 1D, but that will be the only time he will ever introduce them to boys. Regardless, that should up his cool stock to his girls.

Papa Bear Wahlberg has no legit beef with 1D. He is just being protective father. The irony of this whole situation is that Uncle Donnie Wahlberg was in NKOTB, a HUGE boy band in the '80s!