This is cool. Two big stars were spotted filming a new Netflix original movie in New Jersey, according to The Patch.

Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg were in Morristown last week (June 7th) shooting a scene for "The Union." I should say reshooting a scene. Most of the upcoming movie was filmed last year in several locations across the Garden State including Jersey City, Bayonne, Kearny and Paterson. Parts of the movie were also filmed in London early last year (2022).

Wahlberg plays Mike, "a construction worker from New Jersey who enters the world of super spies and secret agents when his ex-girlfriend, Roxanne, recruits him for a mission for U.S. Intelligence." It's being described as a "blue-collar James Bond."

Roxanne is played by Halle Berry.

Morristown residents were star struck as the stars and crew took over the Morristown Green area for a short time (heck, I would have been too). The crew was spotted outside of Roots Steakhouse, the article says.

I haven't seen a release date yet, but, as soon as I do, I'll pass it along. Word is to expect it sometime in 2024. It had another title at first, Our Man from Jersey. So, if you see it referred to as that, you know why.

PS. The movie was an idea that Wahlberg came up with during the pandemic quarantine. Some people made banana bread, some create a movie. Haha.

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