Strong, clever, easy on the eyes. Those three traits describe both an otter at Philadelphia Zoo and the Marvel Universe superhero that just wished him 'Happy Birthday'.

It was Chris Hemsworth who honored the giant river otter at Philly Zoo.

That's because they're both named THOR!

The Avengers; Marvel Studios via iMDb
The Avengers; Marvel Studios via iMDb

And after watching otter Thor tackle his ice cake, which was filled with fish, by the way, it's easy to see they have a lot in common, like destroying things in one swipe, lol.

Hemsworth recognized their shared 'Thor' moniker and called the otter a 'worthy little guy'. So fun that he got wind of otter Thor's special day and took to social media to shout him out.


Thor the Otter celebrated his 12th birthday with a little help from sister Yeyuno and buddy Matteo. I'd be surprised if this video from Thor's party Philadelphia Zoo isn't the best thing you'll see all day, lol.      

I wonder if zookeepers also gifted Thor an ice hammer! That would be cool.

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Can't wait to visit Thor for myself this summer!

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