We're stuck at work 8+ hours a day and get into our routines. When a routine gets disrupted, it can be painful. A Monmouth County workplace reached out to me in desperate need of help.

Denise from Orchard Medical Group in Colts Neck reached out with a problem. The office got a brand new sound system and it looked like it was unable to stream The Point on Radiopup. When I told her I was going to drive out and get her favorite station back on, she thought I was kidding. Denise said, "sure, come over Tuesday. It's my birthday!" I couldn't sit back and let an entire office suffer from sub-par radio, so I showed up unannounced...with cake!

Do you have an "office emergency?" Do you need help getting The Point at work? Let me know! My email is matt.ryan@townsquaremedia.com. 

Matt & Denise (photo: Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media)
A Delicious Orchards cake! (photo: Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media)
Very happy she got The Point back on in the office! (photo: Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media)
Orchard Medical Group's Dr's Lisa and Joann Gualberti. (photo: Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media)