Don Walsh is a frequent Friday morning guest on our Asbury Park Boardwalk shows.
This incredible man (who is now in his 70s) is often referred to by us as a superhero because he is simply amazing at what he does.

Don spent years as a life guard, still swims the oceans and other bodies of water around the world, trains the Navy Seals on swimming techniques and ocean safety, and has written a children's book designed for parents to read with their kids about being safe in the ocean.

Each week in the summer season he comes on our show to discuss safety at the beach, including how to spot, avoid, and swim out of rip tides -- a major problem that has caused far too many deaths at our beaches.

Stop by our Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio this Friday or any Friday this summer and you are very likely to see Don and his lovely wife Millie hanging with us.

He's the very tall man with the very big laugh :) Thanks, Don, for doing your part to help educate us all on how to respect and enjoy our ocean and beaches.

CLICK HERE to get a copy of Teach the Beach by Don Walsh.



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