Christmas is upon us. The joy of the holidays is a remarkable thing. They bring out the best in us, remind us to reflect on the past year, and cherish family and friends. One young man from Middletown was captivated by Christmas from an early age and his story is simply heartwarming.

Liam Dacey wasn't just like any ordinary child at Christmas. The spirit of the holidays filled his heart from a very young age as you can see here.

Liam Dacey

At age the tender age of 10, Liam had a mission to light his house at 18 Garrett Place in Middletown bigger and brighter than any other. He described to me how his holiday juices flow.

Decorating for the holidays has always been my favorite thing to do because my creativity takes full control. When I decorate I feel as if I’m in my own world, and whatever I think of I can make come to life.

But illuminating his house hasn't been Liam's only goal. He truly is a giving soul.

Last year an area child named Luca passed away from cancer. His devastated parents reached out to Liam and asked him to use blue lights in part of his display because they were Luca's favorite. Liam took it one step further. He created a custom display in memory of Luca to shine bright for his parents to see every time they drove by the house. Luca's name glows blue with two angels on either side of his name.

Liam Dacey

Liam felt that his community needed some extra joy after dealing with months and months of hardship from COVID-19. So this year for the inaugural lighting, he setup a free hot chocolate stand and purchased a gift for every child on the block.  Liam stood at the bottom of his driveway and called each child’s name and handed them a present from Santa's sack. This is no strings attached kindness selflessness on full display. Here's a look at this year's first lighting.

Here's what Liam's neighbor Tara LoCasto-Schettino told me.

I’ve lived on the block with Liam since 2007. Every year his Christmas display has gotten bigger and better. I couldn’t imagine what was next. This year Liam became the man of the house and did everything on his own. He started the day after Halloween and I heard the staple gun over and over and Christmas music from a few houses down. He was at it almost every day. I must admit until this year I was Scrooge. Somehow, Liam, has me listening to Christmas music and collecting Christmas popcorn decorations. This kid is CHRISTMAS!!!

Natalie Dacey gushed in an email.

As Liam’s mom I’m beyond proud of him. He's an amazing young man inside and out. I am recently divorced for a little over a year, and it was very hard on both my children. Liam is the man of the house now, and he did all of this on his own and I couldn’t be more honored to call him “my son!"

Compassion, heart, generosity, creativity, community. Those are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Liam Dacey. Looking at all he has accomplished at just 18-years-old, the sky is the limit for this young man. We are lucky to have him as part of our community.

Liam Dacey

Visit Liam's Spectacular Christmas Light Display at 18 Garrett Place in Middletown. Take a look at the official Facebook page and take a peek at what's in store this year below.




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