The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was hella tight last night (isn't that what all the dudebros say these days?), when actor Miles Teller stopped by to promote his upcoming film with Jonah Hill, War Dogs, as well as participate in a boozy game of "Slip n' Flip Cup."

After explaining the rules of the challenge, which combines a Slip 'N Slide with the popular fraternity drinking game, "Flip Cup," the two geared up to slide their way across the stage towards a handful of red and blue Solo cups filled with beer, with the first person to finish drinking and flipping each cup being hailed the winner.

"You ready for this?" Fallon asked his guest while fastening the chin strap on his helmet.

"Cover your a-holes," Teller bizarrely replied, causing Fallon, who is actually five toddlers stacked in a trench-coat, to erupt into giggles.

Decked out in colorful jumpsuits, goggles and helmets — for safety! — the late-night host and the actor then slipped and slid and guzzled their way through the game. Naturally, Teller, who is practically the Hollywood equivalent of a frat boy, won, flipping his fifth and final cup before Fallon even touched his fourth.

But winning the drinking challenge wasn't the only time the actor proved he was a champ on The Tonight Show.

During his interview segment, Teller (quite cockily, of course) recounted the time he literally saved the lives of a pregnant woman and her little girl from an impending shark attack at the beach. As one does.

Watch below:

War Dogs opens in theaters August 19.

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