It's likely infrequent that all members of the Cyrus clan are in the same place at once, even during the holidays. However, this year, Miley Cyrus and her fam recreated a classic holiday photo on Christmas Day, which the 'Adore You' singer shared on Twitter with no window dressing.

Well, it's not like we needed any. We get what the Family Cyrus was going for. The sentiment is obvious. The Cyruses have gone through many changes over the years, but through it all, they are still blood and they are still bound.

Obviously, Miley was the talk of 2013, with her tongue and her twerk. Her parents, Tish and Billy Ray, came in close second, as they filed for divorce for the second time and withdrew the petition… for the second time.

In case you need IDs, there's Trace (who is also a rocker), mama Tish, Miss Miley, Noah, Billy Ray, Braison and Brandi, who, we might add, is the spitting image of Tish. The family is blended, with Billy Ray adopting both Trace and Brandi, Tish's children from a previous relationship.

His son Christopher Cody from a prior relationship is not pictured.