Do you remember feeling so stir crazy while sitting in class as a kid?

I know I do. I remember getting migraines as a kid and going to the bathroom just to take a moment to decompress.

One Jersey Shore mom came up with a genius idea that gives kids a healthy way to get out their energy so they can remain focused throughout their school day.

Jeanine Motroni, mother of Christopher Motroni, spent her own time and money to create Milford Brook Elementary's first-ever Sensory Hallway that the school is calling Brain Break Boulevard.

(These pictures are not of the Sensory Hallway added to Milford Brook Elementary but the photos can give you an idea of the school's newest addition) 

This idea came to light because Christopher is a child who falls on the Autism spectrum and his doctor recommended that he be given multiple breaks throughout the school day.

However, Jeanine created this hallway for all of the students, and maybe even teachers, because kids can even get better grades when given the chance to move around during the day.

Jeanine explains that the hallway is meant to be, "a place to take a brain break or to get the wiggles out just so [students] can stay on task throughout the day and have a more successful day by getting that break." 

The Sensory Hallway has various activities which include liquid-filled sensory tiles, a walking path through a lava floor, sensory stimulation, rock city balance stepping stones and Christopher's favorite, the calming canoe. (I think we should all have a calming canoe. Just saying) 

Milford Brook Elementary even plans to make other Sensory Hallways throughout the school.

They are really onto something here because these "break areas" could be made for students of all ages.

I don't know about you but I SO would have taken a study break to take on the lava floor path while in college.

Take a look at the original story at and check out photos of the Sensory Hallway HERE.

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