This Jersey Shore beachfront mansion will blow your mind.

It's not just proximity to the water that's impressive. It's the history of the home.

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I'm not throwing the word "historic around lightly."

This is the Stanford White Estate at 35 Ocean Avenue in Monmouth Beach.

It was built in 1905, and you'll see by where it's situated that it was probably one of the very first beach houses built in that area.

If you've dreamed of having a home on the water. This is it. This house is practically in the water.

There are 234 by 240 feet of spectacular views of the Atlantic.

Along with the house comes a private beach and a 200-foot seawall.

What makes this property truly unique is that very few beach houses have a massive front yard, with grass.

How the grass is kept alive so close to the water is puzzling to me, but it's done.

This is the largest oceanfront property available this close to New York City.

The home boasts seven bedrooms, five and a half baths & seven fireplaces.

Much of the inside of this home looks like it hasn't been changed since it was first built in 1905.

Throughout, there are rooms that are throwbacks to that era. Some of the furniture even looks like it could possibly be original or close to it.

The price tag on this home is $9.8 million which is actually reasonable considering the location and size of the property. The taxes in 2021 were $41,736.

It sits on over an acre of land.

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