A college student from Monmouth County will be part of history this month, scoring the interview of a lifetime: a sit-down with the President of United States.

And he's got a great connection to the Point and Townsquare Media!

Dan Corey, from Lincroft, is a sophomore at Rutgers University, where he serves as the editor-in-chief of The Daily Targum, Rutgers' campus newspaper.

College reporters (left to right) Cate Carrejo, Jessy Diamba, and Dan Corey at the White House for College Reporters Day. Corey asked President Obama for an interview...and got it. (Photo: Cate Carrejo)

On May 15th, he'll sit down with President Obama, before Obama delivers the Rutgers commencement address at High Point Solutions Stadium, the first time in the school's history that a sitting president has done so.

It all started when Corey found out Obama would be delivering that address. He wrote a letter to the White House formally requesting an interview while the President was in New Jersey. In response, they invited him, along with other students from across the country, to Washington for College Reporter Day.

At that event, President Obama surprised the group, and continued a Q&A session with the students. The first person he called on happened to be Dan Corey...who then in the smartest and bravest move of all time, and despite admitted nerves, personally asked Obama for an interview.

Watch The Scene Unfold:

Obama said, "That's a good use of your time, right there." He added that while he normally coordinates with his press staff to set up interviews, "I am favorably disposed towards giving you a little bit of time."

Talk about a lesson in asking for what you want.

As for his connections here, Dan Corey served as one of our digital interns last year. He tells me via e-mail that "it means a lot to have President Obama actually agree to talk with me ... I'm very aware of how rare of an opportunity this is."

He wouldn't divulge any of the specific questions he plans to ask, but did say he's hoping to get a local perspective on national issues.

As for what his certainly bright future holds, he tells me he is studying both journalism and marketing, but "I want to really give being a reporter a shot."

Something tells me that's a good idea. Way to go, Dan!