Gas prices are out of control and people with electric vehicles are laughing last. Getting away from gas really is the way of the future and this Monmouth County hot spot’s new plans are proof.  This musical mecca will install electric vehicle chargers all over, have you figured out where from my hints?

EV’s are the new SUVs…by the way, remember when everyone had to have a gas-guzzler because we needed that third-row seating?  Well now, of course, they make those in electric or hybrid versions and that has definitely made the demand go up for charging stations.

Tillie must have some pull because Asbury Park is answering the call with the installation of $320,000 worth of new electric charger installations.

The Jersey Electric Vehicle Tourism Program has an initiative of helping people not worry so much about where they will find their next station and they are delivering on the promise all over Jersey.  They got grant applications from 94 cities and they gave out over one million dollars in support to 24 of them.

We’re not sure exactly where they will be put in at this point, but when we find out we will let you know!

By the way, do you really save that much money by going EV?  Yes, especially if you are the type to keep your car for at least 200K miles. For example, the Chevy Bolt costs $15,000 less to drive over a 200,000-mile lifetime, which saves you $7,000 dollars.  EVs generally cost more to buy than their gassy counterparts, but the savings add up the longer you keep the car making it totally worth it money-wise over the lifespan of your car.  Not to mention the time it saves not having to pull over to a rest stop to fill up and the environment benefits.  The charging stations are perfect for on-the-go fill-ups but if you remember to plug your car in when you sleep you are in great shape.

By the way, in a recent poll, we asked what you think someone's car personality is.  In other words, do you know everything you need to know about someone by the car they choose to drive? Some of these are pretty spot on.  What do you think?


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