The New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign has recognized Monmouth County for being the most innovative charitable campaign out of all counties who participated in NJECC.

Maria Wojciechowski, Executive Director for Friends of the Parks and NJECC coordinator, accepted the award on behalf of Monmouth County at a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 10.

“I am thrilled to know that County has made such an impact for NJECC in our first year of participating in the campaign,” Freeholder Director Tom Arnone said. “This award is a testament to Maria’s hard work and County employees’ dedication to charities.”

In support of NJECC, Wojciechowski successfully organized and hosted the Monmouth County Charitable Donation Fair on September 13, 2018 at the Monmouth County Agriculture Building.

At the charitable donation fair, 89 County employees attended, 54 employees donated and 32 local charities were represented.

Throughout the entire campaign, 129 employees contributed. In total, County employees donated $22,500.00.

There were 1,100 participating charities from around the globe that were represented in the campaign.

“The County received this award for most innovative campaign for our eagerness in hosting the charities fair and our consistent outreach to our employees,” Freeholder Lillian Burry, liaison to the Monmouth County Park System, said. “I cannot thank Maria enough for her support of NJECC.”

Monmouth County is recognized for having the most innovative charitable campaign. (James Romano, Monmouth County Government)

Left to right: Susan O’Brien, NJECC; Maria Wojciechowski, Executive Director for Friends of the Parks and County NJECC coordinator; Paula Aldarell, EarthShare NJ

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