She may be adorable, but this puppy will soon be tracking for explosives and drugs!

(Photo courtesy of Sheriff Golden)

Meet Maggie, a 3-month old Bloodhound.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says this dog will be highly trained in tracking suspects and missing persons.

Sheriff's Officer Elizabeth Imbriacco is Maggie's handler. This is the Monmouth County Sheriff Office's first female K-9 Officer!

(Monmouth County Sheriff's Officer Imbriacco and Maggie, photo from Sheriff Shaun Golden.

Maggie will be the second Bloodhound in the Sheriff Office's canine fleet. We introduced you to Sky when we had the privilege of meeting her on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Despite looking sweet, make no mistake: Sky and now Maggie are here to catch the bad guys!

(Sky and Maggie, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office photo)

Sheriff Golden says that in 2019, the Monmouth County Sheriff Office K9s and handlers responded to 241 explosive detection calls, 211 tracking calls, and 207 narcotics calls.

These dogs are nothing short of amazing! Welcome to the unit, Maggie!

(Skye is such a great K9 Officer...but a big mush when she's not 'working'!, Photo from Townsquare Media)


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