Monsignor Donovan High School announced a big change today, and it's all in the name.

Ocean County's only Catholic high school will now be known as Donovan Catholic, part of an effort to re-image the school and increase enrollment.

Monsignor Donovan High School (Monsignor Donovan High School)

The Toms River school known as MonDon has already rebranded its website, including a letter from Dr. Edward Gere.

In it, he wrote, 'As a school name, Donovan Catholic is clearer, more succinct and more accurately reflective of the norms of today's Church. Moreover, "Donovan" reflects our heritage, while "Catholic" highlights in a single word our reason for being.'

This isn't the school's first name change. It was originally known as St. Joseph High School.

Regardless, it's the end of an era (again) in some ways...DonCat just doesn't have the same ring to it!

Do you have any memories of MonDon? Tell us your thoughts on the name change in the comment section below!