We’re now all enjoying the bevy of options on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’ve no doubt been given lots of reasons why you should, from the new Star Wars show The Mandalorian to being able to watch all sorts of animated and live-action family classics. And at ScreenCrush, we’ve told you about everything from the best films on Disney+ to watch with your family, to the most shocking films available on the service, to the best movies you’ve never seen before that you can now watch on Disney+.

But there’s a flip side to those kinds of lists: The worst of the worst. And yes, as wonderful as Disney+ may be, it does have some pretty big stinkers. Here, in chronological order, are 15 films you should absolutely avoid on Disney+.

Gallery — The Movies We Cannot Believe Are Actually Available on Disney+:

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