After spending a few fun and relaxing days in the 70 degree weather of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I was ready to return to work today feeling fairly refreshed and good to go.

But Monday had other plans.

This day couldn't BE more Monday if it tried.

I walked out of my apartment at about 8:30, running a tad late, but still with plenty of time to get to work...first shock of the day? Last week's perfect t-shirt weather had been replaced with wind and biting cold.

...and then I realized the car I've been driving had a flat tire.

I immediately called my boss to let him know, (and texted Duzzy an expletive or two) and long story short, AAA wasn't an option because it's not my car, so I had to attempt to change the tire myself.

My hands started to get cold, and I always keep a pair of gloves in my car just in case. They wound up on the floor of the passenger side of the car, and since I've apparently become an old lady, I somehow pulled a muscle in my neck when I leaned over to grab them. Awesome. I digress.

Now, I know HOW to change a tire, but being physically ABLE to do it is a different story. After a few small issues of locating the spare tire, unlocking the spare tire, and being unable to remove the spare from the mechanism holding it in place...I realized I needed backup.

Enter my amazing apartment building manager, who was nice enough to help me out and change my tire for me. (Extra Christmas presents headed his way!)

My building manager = HERO! (Laurie Cataldo)

Then the fun begins...because 90% of my 40 minute commute happens on the Parkway, which is not an option when you're driving on an old donut.

For anyone that maybe have been behind me this morning...many apologies for having to hold up some traffic. It was quite possibly one of the longest rides of my life. Then, of course, once I got here, we were dealing with some random technical difficulties which delayed some of my other job responsibilities for nearly an hour. Figures.

Luckily I work with many awesome people here who were not only understanding of today's various problems, but did everything they could to help, including covering my on-air shift, helping me drop off the vehicle at a local repair shop to get the tire fixed, and letting me take a different station vehicle so I can get home later.

One thing's for sure...I will be having a GIANT glass of wine tonight.

I shall call this Murphy's Law Monday!