Based on my movie predictions, you would swear I had never even seen a movie, or been to a theater, or had never even eaten popcorn in my life.

When I saw the movie results and compared them to my prediction, my man DNA kicked in and I immediately started concocting a theory that would make me look a little "righter". I stopped myself for two reasons. First, I think I know when to admit defeat. Secondly, I was so wrong there was no saving my pride this time.

I predicted Madagascar 3 would bring in $23 million..not bad. It brought in $20.2 million. I said it would finish first. It finished second. The rest is just plain ugly.

You see, the number one movie, Disney Pixar's Brave, brought in $66.7 million and was the weekend's #1 movie. How in the world did I not see that coming?     

So I got the number one movie wrong and missed by well over $40 million dollars. Now there's only one thing to do. Try again.  

Among the big releases this week is, Magic Mike starring Matthew McConaughey, People Like Us a drama starring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, and also Ted, the comedy from Family Guy creator Set McFarlane, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. 

Can I bet against Matthew McConaughey as a stripper? Can I actually choose Mark Mahlberg and a fake bear?? The answer is no. I'll go with Magic Mike at #1 with $24 million.

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