A mystery water problem remains unsolved in Lake Como and surrounding communities.

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"Right after Superstorm Sandy, problems with the water supply began, with several broken water mains and some areas getting dark brown, murky water that wasn't drinkable. So, we flushed the town, and that lasted about a week - people complained about brown again, so we started looking into more things," says Lake Como Superintendent of Public Works, Brendan Maas.

He points out water mains and valves were replaced, and the town water system was re-mapped to get a better flow when the hydrants were flushed for second time, but the issues remained.

"We believe that it's possibly something that New Jersey American is doing - that they changed some of their patterns," says Maas.

He also says a lot of people in town are getting sick and tired of paying for water, and it's not clear coming out of the tap.

"I'm not sure if they're 100 percent honest with us. I mean I've been here in excess of 20 years and we've flushed the same way every year, and we've never had an issue like this before," says Maas.

Peter Eschbach, the Director of Communications for New Jersey American Water, has a different point of view.

"The water we're sending them - if you go to where we send the water in - the water is not murky, the water meets all state and federal standards. What we do know is that the water that is going in there from our system is fine," he says.

Eschbach points out some residents have reported problems in some areas for years - way before Sandy - and it may have to do with the pipes.

"These are cast-iron and unlined pipes that have been there probably at least since the early 1900's, and they can rust," he says. "What we want to do is help them figure out what the problem is, and give them some solutions to getting it fixed."