Maybe it was to relieve the stress of the moment, maybe it was to say "thank you for your service," maybe it was because she's just a nice lady. Whatever the reason, we say "thank you" to the woman who picked up the tab for a World War two vet, who was having dinner with his family at the New Monmouth Diner in Middletown.

This is part of what Susan Andersen Pense posted in the Middletown New Jersey Facebook group about her experience at the Monmouth Diner:

"...My Dad was wearing his WW II cap & was chatting with the hostess, telling his story. Shortly thereafter, a customer came to our table & told us she took care of the tab. I’m hoping that nice lady is on this group to thank her. Thank you... you put a smile on a 94 year old’s face."

We may never find out who she is, but it's great to know that we share the world with her and so many others in New Jersey who pay it forward.


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