Who needs a mani/pedi, and a massage?!! Local nail spa owners and massage parlors are arguing that it shouldn't just be hair salons able to reopen in 3 weeks.

Sarah Adametz of Farmingdale is raising money to file a complaint with our state government because she wants to see nail salons and massage spas be allowed to open the way hair salons will soon be able to.

Not only is income being lost, but the two things most women just can't do effectively for themselves is color and cut their own hair AND give themselves manicures and pedicures. And many of us are so stressed out that we now could use a massage more than ever before.

Many nail salon owners are extra worried because when the hair salons that also offer mani/pedi services open their doors on June 22nd, they could be taking away a lot of money that nail salons would have made should they also have been granted that date to reopen.

In fact, many nail salon owners argue that they can provide more safeguards than hair salons.

CLICK HERE for more details and to support this cause!

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