Summer is arriving and so are those pesky flying critters. If you are like me, you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer and the last thing you want to keep doing is swatting at a bug every 5 seconds. I have a few ideas for you that I personally do to help keep my family and I insect bite free…well almost. The first thing I do is buy the backyard insect repellent. It attaches directly to the hose and takes about 5 minutes to do. It lasts about a month and a half depending on how much it rains. It works pretty good and is way cheaper than an exterminator.

Now, if you are looking for more natural ways to keep the bugs away, my favorite go to is Listerine. Yes, the mouth wash. I usually use the blue one, but any will really do. I put it in little bowls on the table, one under the table, and surrounding areas. I also put some in a spray bottle with mist option to spray the air with.

The other natural thing I use is a mixture of essential oils. I use Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemongrass. Mix them with some water and put in a spray bottle…shake and spray, or add the oil to unscented candles. The essential oil does smell a little nicer than the Listerine, but I find Listerine works better.

The last thing I put out is fresh dryer sheets. I am not exactly sure how they work, but they do!

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