A listener wrote me and needs advice, check this out. Any advice for her?

Dear Sue,

Maybe your listeners have advice for me? We've been packing and shopping for my college student and it should be an exciting time. Now, it's turning into a nightmare.

She continues, My son received an email from his university today advising him that he is no longer able to have a roommate and can not be a part of the extracurricular activities at school. It's like he has to live in isolation and I find this so unfair just because my son is not vaccinated.

They are going to have limitations on the college campus and here's the ridiculous thing Sue-- the faculty and staff do NOT need the vaccination, but they're punishing the kids that are not vaccinated. Due to his not getting vaccinated, he will have to wear a mask at everything he goes to on-campus except when he's in his room alone without a roommate.

I feel as a Mom, this is pure discrimination and isolation. We as a family decided not to get the vaccination, we all have had Covid-19 and decided not to get it. Why should my son be punished? Isn't this against the law? Isn't this against our civil rights?

If I'd pull him out of a state college in New Jersey, I've been told he could lose his merit scholarships and grants. I am in a horrible spot and hoping there will be advice coming my way from your listeners. Is anyone else going through this? What should I do? It's his dream to go to "this" university. 

We have also been told that he's been assigned to a single room and there will be a price adjustment for the housing accommodations. This just doesn't seem fair.

Thank you for letting me vent,

A very stressed and disappointed Mom

**Any advice for this Mom?

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