Have you ever shopped at ALDI?  It saves so much money you won’t believe your eyes! As luck would have it, a local town is getting a brand-spanking-new store and it is going to be awesome.

Food shopping could be the biggest variable in your household budget. Think about it, so many bills are fixed but how much you spend on your food or what you choose to buy can swing that bill by hundreds of dollars every single month.  Coupons and deals are great but it helps when you shop at a store where the expectation is a low price for no-frills. Yes, you have to return your own cart and yes you have to ditch the convenience of bags being provided.  Who cares?  I'm happy to give up some of that jazz to get some real savings.

ALDI is considered a “discount grocer” but when I hear that I automatically think they won’t carry any name brands or organic foods which is just the opposite. They have a huge organic selection and they really save people a lot of money.

This new store will be about 21,000 square feet.  ALDI is about to become the third-largest grocery retailer in the United States so they are really catching on.

The shiny, bright new location will be located in Freehold at 3681 Route 9.  They are revamping the Freehold Mall shopping center and this should really help.

They will open at 9 a.m. on March 24th and with a grand opening you know there are always special giveaways!

They will have a drawing for a $500 Aldi gift card which would go a looooong way!

They will stay open until 8 pm.

By the way if you are shopping for a cookout tonight because the weather is finally awesome be careful with your dogs and these cookout items!

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