There are some pretty epic inventions in the world.  Just think about it, what would life be like without air conditioning (a New Jersey invention by the way)? Or here's another one for ya, what if someone never invented anesthesia?  Can you even imagine not having that?  Some discoveries are so life-changing and epic that they literally improve the quality of life on this planet.  If this new discovery ends up being everything medical professionals say it is, it will actually be everything.

I love science.  When I read that people way smarter than me, actually developed a medication that not only treats people with type 2 diabetes but also helps anyone wanting to lose weight, I was intrigued. This is groundbreaking stuff and it could change the obesity epidemic as we know it.

Apparently, the FDA just approved a once-a-week drug to treat people with type 2 diabetes, but they are saying that people without diabetes can use it too.  The results of the product test are insanely good.

How good?

It Depends On The Dose

5 milligram:  people lost an average of 35 pounds!

10 milligram:  people lost an average of 49 pounds!

15 milligram:  people lost an average of 52 pounds!

These results were over the course of 72 weeks.

Patients were asked to eat within reason and enjoy moderate exercise and according to reports, almost half of the people in the study lost a quarter of their body weight.

How Does It Work

You would administer a needle to yourself

The injection would be once per week

The medicine comes loaded in a pen-like device and uses a micro-needle smaller than the one needed to test sugar levels

What Is This FDA Approved Weightloss Drug This Drug Called?

Tirzepatide is the formal name, but on the market is known as Mounjaro.  From what I can see the only known side effects are either constipation or loose poos.  There is a warning on the box to not use if you have a history of thyroid conditions.  Of course you have to consult your doctor for details.

If this is the real deal, it would revolutionize our obesity epidemic in America. We’re totally keeping our eyes on this one! You can read more about it here.

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