It'll be a little bit busy on some roads during the weekday, workday hours in parts of Lakewood, Neptune, and Long Branch coming up as New Jersey American Water has announced the next project in the replacement of water mains in these communities.

There are water mains that have been in these three municipalities since the roaring 20s and so they need an upgrade for everyone's health and safety.

New Jersey American Water said they will replace more than four miles worth of this cement and cast-iron water main with a new ductile iron main as well as replace 14 fire hydrants and 305 utility-owned service lines in these areas along with any customer-owned service line that the state has deemed to have lead or been galvanized.

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It's a $7.9 million project this time around that NJAW said contractors, Perna Finnigan, Inc. Montana Construction, Inc., and J.F. Kiely Construction, Inc. will be doing for the next two months in Lakewood and three months in Neptune and Long Branch.

There are several roads that will be affected by this project this summer.


  • Atkins Avenue from Fifth Avenue to Corlies Avenue
  • Memorial Drive from Corlies Avenue to Sixth Avenue
  • Myrtle Avenue from West Lake Avenue to Corlies Avenue

Long Branch:

  • Cottage Avenue entire length
  • Fairfield Avenue entire length
  • Jersey Avenue entire length
  • Lake Avenue from Woodgate Avenue to the dead end
  • Oakley Avenue entire length
  • Van Court Avenue from Cedar Avenue to Elinore Avenue
  • Woodgate Avenue from Cedar Avenue to Lake Avenue
  • Yorke Avenue entire length


  • Ardenwood Avenue entire length
  • Cedarview Avenue from West County Line Road to 14th Street
  • Fernwood Avenue from Georgian Terrace to 14th Street
  • Heathwood Avenue from West County Line Road to 14th Street
  • Oakwood Avenue entire length
  • Pinemere Avenue entire length
  • Prospect Street from Havenwood Court to Summer Avenue

NJAW said the work will take place at night on Prospect Street in Lakewood from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am and during the day on all other streets in Lakewood, Long Branch, and Neptune from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm between Monday and Friday.

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