A big win for New Jersey!

The Garden State has been named one of the Best States to Live in America.

One of the best, though, does not mean the best. We finished fourth.

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The story, from Homesnacks.com, said this about our home state: "New Jersey residents are some of the wealthiest in the country; families here earn about $76,000 a year. It's pretty safe in New Jersey, as a whole. And you'd be hard pressed to find a state with a better funded and managed public school system. At least for now."

(Maybe they didn't include a couple cities that we won't mention here....)

So why fourth and not first? Here's the downside: "It's the most densely populated place in the state, and commute times are longer than almost anywhere else."

So, who beat us? Who elbowed themselves in front of us?

Ranked one and two on the list are New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Say what?

I know nothing about New Hampshire - other than it's "up there", somewhere in New England.

As for Massachusetts... how can they pick a state that can only be spelled correctly with Spell Check?

Frankly, I understand #3 finishing ahead of New Jersey. #3 is Hawaii. I've been there once and I threatened to move there permanently at the time. The only thing that stopped me from staying put there was money, a job, no friends and family nearby - you know the "important stuff." Other than that I would have been typing this from The Aloha State.

So, a fourth place finish for New Jersey. We'll take it. Do you agree?

SOURCE: Homesnacks.com

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