There are some stereotypes about New Jersey that are absolutely true.

For example, we move fast and have a bit of an "edge."

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Many out-of-state people think that we're rude.

I've lived in New Jersey my entire life and sure we've got some rude people amongst us, but most of my fellow New Jerseysians are pretty pleasant.

You could say that I was raised "old school."

Father and son (4-5) playing on swing

My Dad was big on morals and manners and some believe he took it to the extreme.

When I was growing up whenever my Dad would ask where my Mom was I would reply "Mom is in the living room."

If I ever said "she's in the living room," I would get "the look" and he would ask me "who's in the living room?" Mom is in the living room.

"Don't ever refer to your Mother as "she." 

I know, harsh, but I get it.

Red heart in child and mother's hands

One of my Mom's favorite stories is from when I was about four years old.

I actually remember this vividly. My Mom and I were walking to an indoor ATM and I walked ahead of her, opened the door, and said "ladies first."

She thought that was adorable. It was another lesson that I picked up from my Dad.

Fast forward to the current day and things are a little different, but only with a certain age group.

If I'm at a Wawa and hold the door for someone my age (30s) or older, most of the time I'll get a "thank you" or at the very least a grunt.

If it's someone younger than me and especially female, if I hold the door for them I get a suspicious look as they slide past me and into the store.

disgusted girl

It's the look of why is this stranger holding a door for me. What's the angle?

Maybe I just look like a creep?

Or, maybe basic manners just aren't being practiced as much anymore?

Maybe young women are mistaking politeness for something else because they're not used to it?

If that's the case, it's a shame. Basic manners are becoming a pastime.

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