Remember that time you insisted to all your friends that New Jersey drivers are awesome and probably among the best in country? Of course you don't . That's because you, like millions of other New Jersey drivers, never said that because you just don't believe it. But according to one 2021 report, New Jersey drivers are among the best drivers in the nation.

Akash Rai, Unsplash
Akash Rai, Unsplash

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You may not believe it, but when it comes to being good drivers, New Jersey drivers do it better than drivers in 41 states. That's right, Garden State drivers are ranked as the 9th best in America, according to a report by Insurify.

I'm betting that at least 75% of you aren't buying it for a minute. You're waiting for the loophole or the punchline, but neither is coming. It's a real ranking and a real study. With data and everything.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

So, why is it so hard for Garden State drivers to believe something like this? Well that's easy. it's because we all drive in New Jersey, and we see the truly unbelievable drivers and driving maneuvers that happen daily around the Jersey Shore, and the whole state. We see it with our own eyes.

So, what stats led to this unlikely conclusion? Check out these stats:

New Jersey only has 6.74% of drivers with a speeding ticket (meaning 93.26% didn't get caught).

The percentage of drivers without any traffic incidents in the Garden State is just under 20%.

Our vehicle related fatalities per 100,000 is just under 7, which is very impressive.

So, maybe we should stop believing our bad driving reputation, and start embracing what is clearly a strength. It's hard to do though when we hit our roads and see what we see each day. Imagine what it's like driving in those 41 states that ranked below us.

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