According to a WalletHub study, New Jersey has been ranked as the 8th worst state to drive in throughout the entire country.

Does this really surprise you? I guess maybe the only surprising part of this is that there are states who actually have worse driving conditions than us! YOWZA!

Here is how the data was collected.... Wallethub basically ranked anything and everything related to cars in New Jersey. I am talking the number of auto body shops, the likelihood of a collision with a deer (how does one measure this?) and anything in-between.

One of the biggest categories is called the "Traffic Indiscipline" which, according to, "measured 'incidents due to poor behavior: phone use, speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking and poor turning.'" 

There is no reliable way to measure tailgating, weaving throughout the lanes, failing to yield at yield signs and running a red light.

They also can't measure driver rudeness --- HAHAHHAHA!! Thank goodness this isn't added to the mix because New Jersey would for sure be in dead last.

We also ranked as the 3rd worst state when it comes to traffic congestion and road conditions. (You hear that, Benny's? They are talking to YOU!)

So I guess this article told you what you already know: Driving in New Jersey SUCKS! But someone has gotta do it.

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