You might have heard how some businesses are rewarding customers and workers who got their COVID vaccinations? Everyone from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, to several marijuana dispensaries across the country (think they're in cahoots?) are offering free stuff for those who show their vaccination cards. But what about those business owners who want to offer services to those not vaccinated? There might be a few.

Ian Smith, who owns The Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, NJ, has battled with local officials over shutdowns before. says he's been fined by the state before but won't pay. Now, he has chosen to go a different route. WILX is reporting that Smith took to social media to announce that he'd offer free memberships to anyone who has chosen not to get the vaccination shots. He added that his gym believes in heath - the real way.

His stance has drawn a lot of attention, and some very mixed reactions. Some have applauded him say they admire his defiance against the regulations. Others think his stance could only encourage some not to get vaccinated, thus putting more people at risk for COVID contamination.

Gyms in New York state were some of the last businesses that were allowed to reopen under Governor Cuomo's orders. Hudson Valley gym goers had to wait until the end of August to finally renter their favorite fitness centers, after being shut down in March 2020.

What are you thoughts on his move? Incredibly foolish, or do you admire his stance against the regulations? Would you visit a gym that encouraged visitors not to get vaccinated? Share your thoughts.

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