Come on, get happy! In a recent study conducted by Joy Organics, New Jersey ranked 6th in the United States as the happiest state.

The factors in determining and ranking the happiest states in the U.S. are pretty intense. There was an analysis of 10 factors that made up the criteria of the happiest state. Those factors Joy Organics analyzed included the suicide rate, average hourly wage, severity of depression and anxiety, unemployment rate, number of primary care and mental health providers, neighborhood children amenities, percentage of residents with adverse childhood experiences and percentage of sleep-deprived residents.

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New Jersey scored an impressive 80.1 on the happiness scale, which put them at 6th place overall as the happiest state. New Jersey has the lowest suicide rate in the country with 7.1 deaths per 100,000 people. New Jersey also had the third lowest overall percentage of persons under the age of 18 that have had adverse childhood experiences at 10.6% of its population.

Other factors that make New Jersey happy were the low depression score of 1.46%, and the percentage of children with access to amenities at a high 46.6%. All of those factors made New Jersey pretty happy.

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I always thought that New Jerseyans were pretty happy. Most of our residents here have a pretty good sense of humor and are loving, caring people who have stepped up to help those in need after the handful of disasters that we’ve experienced in the last few years. New Jersey is plagued with problems but it's how we handle those obstacles that make us so special.

Continue to smile, be happy and handle the obstacles that are thrown your way. We need to keep that happy rank.

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