New Jersey is known for its tough exterior. We're a state that's not afraid to be in your face, and we're not one to shy away from some saying what's on our minds.

And there's nothing wrong at all with feeling strong. In fact, that's quite a positive trait to have. It's why we have such a tough reputation in the first place, and we should be proud of that.

But sometimes, that particular image of us hurt some more than we intend it to. Always having to do our best might cause us to create unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

Here's an important lesson all of us can use in New Jersey. Don't think you're weak just because you need help.


Think about this for a moment. How often have you gone through life struggling with something but you're simply afraid to bring it up to anyone?

The workplace is one common example of this. And this can be a struggle with those at all levels and ranks.

Help Wanted
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Let's start with those toward the bottom of the chain. More specifically, mainly those at the entry level.

Perhaps you feel you can't ask too many questions because it'll make you look bad. Or, maybe you're afraid that your boss will think you're incapable to do your job?

Don't sweat it. Entry-level jobs are meant to be a starting point, and questions are to be expected. It's also a way to determine if you feel the job is the right fit for you.


And don't feel you need to know all the answers if you're higher up on the chain. Just because you might not know something doesn't mean it'll be frowned upon if you do ask for help.

In the workplace, you shouldn't be afraid to ask. It won't make you look weak if you need that help, so don't worry about it. Ask away.

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The same can be said for life at home. Whether you have a family with kids, live with a significant other, or have roommates, we all have those issues that can make it difficult at times.

Maybe one person does the dishes while the other vacuums and sweeps and it starts to become overwhelming? It's only normal for that to happen.

But if you're feeling like you're taking on too much, don't hold it in. It's better to ask for help rather than getting to the point of feeling like you'll explode.

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The point is this. No matter what the situation is, we oftentimes feel like we shouldn't ask anyone for additional help. And we do that at the cost of our own personal health by allowing that stress and worry to take over.

As for New Jersey, we like to think we've got everything under control. But in reality, we don't, and that's okay.

And if someone sees you might be struggling and offers you help, it's okay to accept. In fact, accepting help won't make you look weak at all. If anything, it'll do quite the opposite.


So whatever it is, don't be afraid to speak up. It's okay to ask for help.

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